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JSC “Regseda” was established in 1959. Currently the company employs 90 employees. Main production is products of corrugated carton packages, office goods, various carton products, metal conservation lids, document clipping mechanisms from tin. The company shall provide metal treatment, services of completion of furniture fitting. JSC “Regseda” is social company of disables, where great part of employees consists of persons who have vision disability, as well as employees having other disabilities work here. In the society our company is known as “Klaipėdos aklųjų kombinatas”. One of the most important goals of our company from the establishment of the company is to perform such activity, which would ensure work places, applied to people with vision disability. Our company is social company, which employs totally blind people. They perfectly perform such works as gluing, folding, prepack of small parts, collection, packing, stringing etc. Our products and services, which we can offer on lower price than market, are of highest quality which shall satisfy existing clients.