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The company shall provide the following services:

1. Various folding and gluing services;

2. Completion and prepacking of furniture fitting;

3. Packing of various products;

4. Production of self-bindings and archive boxes;

5. Production of various products from carton;

6. Production of corrugated carton boxes;

7. Production of furniture package carton fillings;

8. Production of paper trays;

9. And many other works that require accurate manual work.

- Rent of administrative and industrial premises;

Currently we can rent:

premises for storage or industrial activity.

We shall have free administrative premises from 16 to 33 square meters.

Metal processing works

We can perform various turning, milling, polishing, cold metal extruding works.

Regarding services apply:

Economy and Production Manager

Tel.: +370 46 497505

Tel.: +370 605 53688

E-mail: t.stasius@regseda.lt

Economy and Production Manager Assistant

Tel.: +370 46 497505

Tel.: +370 699 17942

E-mail: pavaduotojas@regseda.lt